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It was a hot summer afternoon, vacation time it was, luckily my father also got his leave on the same time as he is a serving Army personnel. It was after a very long time my whole family was together. So it was time to decide what to cook for the lunch, rice was decided with raita ( a dish prepared with curd only). 

So i cooked rice and i was about to drain the hot excess water from it in basin (as we usually follow the method of boiling rice in a open pan and then drain the water instead of cooking in a pressure cooker) and my father shouted from the door of the kitchen “STOP, do not do that”. I was surprised and asked “what is wrong with you dad? we always do that after boiling the rice we do drain the excess water in basin.” And then came a lifetime learning for me.

Politely he explained ” when you throw away hot boiling water, just think how many ants and small insects get burnt alive due to this act of yours, you just create havoc in there lives, think how much pain you might be causing to those small beings? so my dear always let the water cool to room temperature and then throw.”

I was awestruck and numb, in my whole life i do not think , that ever i could have thought in this way, that ever i could have come across such a thinking and such love and care about other living beings, whose existence is ignored by us many a times. I replied to my father ” Okay dad, thanks, i love you” he kept his hand on my head, smiled and said ” I love you too dear, now get fast about lunch i am hungry.” i laughed and asked for five minutes more.

Now that is the kind of lessons one always receive from parents, small but with huge hidden meanings of life. lessons which teach us the importance of every single being on this earth.

That day again my father made me feel proud about being his daughter. 🙂

I call this learning as RICE LEARNING 🙂