About the Blog and Myself

Whts up? dear reader…. join me as I travel through various elicitz of life…Me myself identified as Rajwinder Bhardwaj… the one who work hard & tries not to take herself too seriously, enjoys music, reading (novels) & movies..you know stuff that most of the people like… although shy at times I consider myself to be an outgoing person… Photgraphy for me is: CLICK WHAT LOOK GOOD TO EYES.. Dont knw techo things about it.. just adding up all for myself 🙂


7 thoughts on “About the Blog and Myself

  1. Rajwinder, nice pics! Seriously! Thank you also for liking my post, glad it touched something in you :). And oh, before I forget, love that pic of the bike on your homepage, my husband would love it!


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