It was a hot summer afternoon, vacation time it was, luckily my father also got his leave on the same time as he is a serving Army personnel. It was after a very long time my whole family was together. So it was time to decide what to cook for the lunch, rice was decided with raita ( a dish prepared with curd only). 

So i cooked rice and i was about to drain the hot excess water from it in basin (as we usually follow the method of boiling rice in a open pan and then drain the water instead of cooking in a pressure cooker) and my father shouted from the door of the kitchen “STOP, do not do that”. I was surprised and asked “what is wrong with you dad? we always do that after boiling the rice we do drain the excess water in basin.” And then came a lifetime learning for me.

Politely he explained ” when you throw away hot boiling water, just think how many ants and small insects get burnt alive due to this act of yours, you just create havoc in there lives, think how much pain you might be causing to those small beings? so my dear always let the water cool to room temperature and then throw.”

I was awestruck and numb, in my whole life i do not think , that ever i could have thought in this way, that ever i could have come across such a thinking and such love and care about other living beings, whose existence is ignored by us many a times. I replied to my father ” Okay dad, thanks, i love you” he kept his hand on my head, smiled and said ” I love you too dear, now get fast about lunch i am hungry.” i laughed and asked for five minutes more.

Now that is the kind of lessons one always receive from parents, small but with huge hidden meanings of life. lessons which teach us the importance of every single being on this earth.

That day again my father made me feel proud about being his daughter. 🙂

I call this learning as RICE LEARNING 🙂

MOTIVATION: What it is to me.

Heard this term M.O.T.I.V.A.T.I.O.N a lot of times, and i am sure all of you also MUST have heard it millions and billions of times. when you are not able to achieve good marks teachers tells “be motivated”, when could not give presentation in front of class guide tell “be motivated”, on job colleagues are not cooperative ” its okay be motivated dude”, Girlfriend/Boyfriend not giving importance “you will make them understand do not lose your MOTIVATIONNN” etc etc etc in each and every situation there is that one person around you who will tell you this word MOTIVATION.

Now i thought ,if this is something so important that my life can not run without it, as it seems to be the nervous system of life of a human being i need to understand motivation. WHAT IS IT?. Someone told me books give the best answers to all of the questions or contact Google (and be a GOOGLU :)) So below is the definition which i came across :

“Motivation is generally defined as a “force, stimulus, or influence” that moves a person or organism to act or respond.”

Gosh!! Stimulus??? force??? but what are these actually??? NOW to understand this further there are SO CALLED THEORIES of Management like Maslows, Herzberg , Alderfer Etc .. believe me all were OHT (Over Head Transmission). do we really apply these in real practical life ? do these really matter all this bookish stuff?

To answer these questions i went through word MOTIVATION again n tried to understand it alphabet by alphabet. How can one be motivated in life? let me take you through the same in the vary order.

M: MOVE ON: Now do not take it as move on from a bad relationship  it is from each and everything GOOD or BAD. there is this saying ” Excess of everything is Bad”, it implies to both positive and negative, happiness and sadness all. if you failed in something move on to win it AND if you won something move on to maintain it and win new dimensions explore yourself. NEVER STICK TO ANYTHING.

O:OPEN: openness of your mind, openness to suggestions , remember no one is perfect, you do not have answers to all questions  you can do everything in best possible ways, yes you can. need to become a good listener, welcome everyone CRITICS FIRST because they are most trust-able to give unbiased statements.

T:THINKING: hmm that’s something veryyyy very important i must say. one need to increase the horizon of thinking. they say think out of the box, but mind it you will feel far better by tearing of that box , But with positivety.

I:INITIATION: anything and everything in world do have a initiator  there are things that we need to start, we need to take decisions about, be the one . believe in yourself be the initiator, no need to depend upon some one else for the decision, i do not think some one can understand me more than me myself.

V:VALUE: you can only be motivated if people around you value you, if this is what you think then let me tell you my friends answer is “NO” . until and unless you do not give value to yourself NO ONE ELSE WILL. you want to create value of yours be that share in market which have highest value ,be a BRAND. A person grown as a personality make people feel good even in his absence. VALUE YOURSELF.

A: ATTITUDE: now i do not mean here that “cool” “yo”” yo” attitude of yours you know, what i mean is your attitude towards life. yes right, that’s so called positive one. but trust me it is not about being positive but how one handles the negative that makes you motivated. there is solution to everything trust yourself. as i do. it helped a lot

T: TRAINING: we are never old to learn new things. if i am able to get myself updated about the stuff going on around the globe, if i get myself trained about all things. life will be easy. Step out learn ,new things, there is lot to grow with.

I: INTERACTION: one of the most important thing learnt, interaction is very important even with a 5 year old kid living in my neighbor, he taught me happiness. by being interactive with parents make me remove all depression from my life, with friends i understand life in a candid way, with siblings affection, with colleagues cooperation, teamwork. with seniors that formal way to achieve everything, with juniors that delegation of things and maintaing  character in good terms with power.

O:ORGANISATION: A organised way of living, not living anything to chances or taking things granted. (yet to learned by me too) this will not leave things fretting and fuming . learnt being organised makes tasks to be done within the time, n prevents the frustration.

N:NATURAL: Must have heard ” Be yourself everyone else has already being taken” exactly be the one you are there is no need to put up mask of what you are not, those who value you will  be there and those who do not will leave and that will be great. why to do roles of other, create your own role the unique one and precious one. remember real Amitabh is much more valued then lots of his duplicate. be the original piece.

Maybe it sound to emo but that’s what i have learned id these are the meanings i will be motivated always and so will you.



Just able to open this blog.. as last log in was Oct 2012..was trying to recollect the password from last 3 days.. thought about all important words…nothing worked…then all stupid words..but naa nothing idiotic even worked…         

                          then clicked that i wrote it on a piece of paper.. a torn Diary page.. light yellow color was punched on top by me just to make some designs…that image was clear.. but where i stored it so perfectly that am not able to find it myself..searched bag after bag.. folder after folder.. found some other lost notes but not the one am looking for.. roomie yelled “whats wrong with you?”.. my reply “nothing” 

                    nothing came out of any last thing left was a luggage .. lets give it a try i thought.. 1st pocket .. nothing…2nd pocket.. “some accessories”.. 3rd pocket “old photographs wow”.. 10 min had a look on those .. that nostalgic look you know.. n then came with out any hopes last pocket … there it was lying in the extreme corner,, light yellow paper with my Password…

                that feeling was like winning a war.. n landed on my blog again.. n writing idiotically about my james bond search.. n posting it too.. HOW BRAVE I AM 😛

        So i found my blog again.. to put up my random stuff again 


Live the life the way you want it,

remember people will be there to stop it,

but its you who have to choose it,

the way you want it,

So explore it..enjoy it…

Be happy with every sec of it,

assign the terms according to you,

never let any one else to own it.

P.S just now have got it from you and will remember it 🙂 love you.



Life is a world of wonders
life is sandy 
life is lonely
life can also be full of different activities.
life is caring
life is hatred
life is always full of mysteries 
life is full love
life is full of up and downs 
life is mischief 
life is entertaining
life is curious
lifeis full of uderstanding
life is hope
life is sometimes full of hopelessness
well life is always interesting