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Just able to open this blog.. as last log in was Oct 2012..was trying to recollect the password from last 3 days.. thought about all important words…nothing worked…then all stupid words..but naa nothing idiotic even worked…         

                          then clicked that i wrote it on a piece of paper.. a torn Diary page.. light yellow color was punched on top by me just to make some designs…that image was clear.. but where i stored it so perfectly that am not able to find it myself..searched bag after bag.. folder after folder.. found some other lost notes but not the one am looking for.. roomie yelled “whats wrong with you?”.. my reply “nothing” 

                    nothing came out of any bag..now last thing left was a luggage .. lets give it a try i thought.. 1st pocket .. nothing…2nd pocket.. “some accessories”.. 3rd pocket “old photographs wow”.. 10 min had a look on those .. that nostalgic look you know.. n then came with out any hopes last pocket … there it was lying in the extreme corner,, light yellow paper with my Password…

                that feeling was like winning a war.. n landed on my blog again.. n writing idiotically about my james bond search.. n posting it too.. HOW BRAVE I AM 😛

        So i found my blog again.. to put up my random stuff again